Vino Generoso de Licor


The art of blending

A brief introduction

Amongst the range of Sherry styles there is a wide panorama of blended styles. According to the rules of the Denominación de Origen, any sherry with a sugar content of over 5 grams per litre and up to 115 grams per litre is called “Medium”.

Tasting Notes

Ranging from amber to dark chestnut in colour, medium sherry has a liquorous amontillado-like bouquet with the smoothly sweet notes of pastries, quince jelly or baked apple.
It starts slightly dry in the mouth, gradually becoming sweeter to finish with a smooth vaporous aftertaste.

Did You Know?

When the blend has a sugar content of between 5 and 45 grams per litre it is known as “Medium Dry”, while a blend of between 45 and 115 grams per litre is known as “Medium Sweet”. This is a large range of Medium wines which caters for all tastes: drier or sweeter.

Sherry Wine | Medium

Ageing and Production

Medium Sherry is a vino generoso de licor obtained by blending vino generoso wine and naturally sweet wine or concentrated rectified must. The base wines used in the blending process are usually either amontillados or wines which, though primarily aged by means of oxidative process, have also undergone a period of biological ageing.

In any case, what fundamentally defines the character of Medium sherry is its degree of sweetness, which can be of between 5 to 115 grams of reductive material per litre. When the content does not exceed 45 grams per litre, we speak of "Medium Dry", while if the sugar content is more than 45 grams per litre, it can be labeled as "Medium Sweet".

Medium & Gastronomy

Serving Tips

The ideal temperature to serve a Medium Sherry is at between 12 and 14ºC, though this will depend upon the form and moment of service. 

Besides being a pleasant aperitif, served chilled it is the most suitable wine to accompany pâté, quiche and any especially spicy dish (curried rice, etc...).


Medium quick reference

Slightly chilled

Serve between 12 & 14º C in white wine glass.

A wide range of styles

A style of Medium Sherry for all tastes with more or less sweetness.

Pair with exotic dishes

Pairs perfectly with Indian and Thai cuisine.

Analytical Data


  • Alcoholic content between 15 & 22% vol.
  • Sugar 5 - 115 gr. / litre
  • Total Acidity (tartaric) 3 - 5 gr. / litre
  • Volatile Acidity (acetic) < 0,8 gr. / litre


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