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Wine Tourism

Experiences in the first person

Enoturism goes further than just getting to know places, their monuments and people: it also involves immersing ourselves in a world of sensations, aromas and tastes which help us to discover the culture, tradition and customs of a wine-growing region.  

Visit the famous cathedral-like structures of the bodegas, learn first hand about the characteristic sherry production process, spend the night in a country house surrounded by vineyards, learn the subtle art of tasting and discover the perfect gastronomic combination for each type of wine.

Discovering the essence of a region by learning about its wines is an experience which gratifies all five of our senses.

Wine Tourism

Experience our rich wine-culture

The Jerez Region provides a never-ending variety of wine-related tourist activities; a myriad of ways to experience the rich wine-culture of Jerez. Not forgetting the chance to visit the extensive natural and historical heritage of thousand year-old cities and a privileged region whose climate provides yet another reason to make your visit worthwhile.

This hospitable land, birthplace of Sherry wine, of the purest flamenco and of horses which are admired throughout the world, has for centuries received the praise of travellers from all around the globe, captivated by its charm. Poets, scientists, philosophers and celebrities of all types have immortalised in their works the experience of having consumed our wines at their very source.

Vinos de Jerez Sherry Wines Flamenco Tourism
Flamenco, part of the heritage of mankind, originated in this triangle and it at it's most quintessential here.
Vinos de Jerez Sherry Wines Horses Tourism
Horses, flamenco and wine are emblematic of Jerez.


Wine Tourism

The most visited Bodegas in Europe

The tourist potential of the bodegas in the Jerez Region is a reality which has been well known for years and joins the many existing tourist attractions of neighbouring towns in the area: extensive beaches, beautiful scenery, monumental cities and innumerable cultural events.

In the 1960's the Sherry firms of the Jerez Region were pioneers as far as promoting wine tourism is concerned, opening their doors to visitors and, in addition to the traditional hospitality of the region, providing a high degree of professionalism in satisfying the needs of a growing number of visitors.

Not in vain are the bodegas in the Jerez Region currently the most visited in all Europe, attracting over half a million visitors each year.

Vinos de Jerez Sherry Wine Bodega
The cathedral-bodegas are unchallenged, the Jerez region's most impressive contribution to wine architecture. 

Taste the passion

Sherry Wine and Brandy Route

The Sherry Wine and Brandy Routes of the Jerez Region Association gathers together over 100 member-establishments and bases its philosophy on continued improvement and the conviction of the attraction and importance of Sherry and Brandy as cultural elements which make up the Jerez Region. In addition, by promoting the development of enotourism they wish to make their contribution to boosting the economy of the region, whilst at the same time promoting the conservation of the natural environment. 

In 2006, with the aim of uniting these established tourist resources and combining the multiple wine-related attractions of the region, the Sherry Wine and Brandy Routes of the Jerez Region was created. Bodegas, wine bars, hotels, restaurants, museums and leisure related businesses in all the cities of the Region, together with their respective Local Authorities and the Consejos Reguladores del Vino y del Brandy de Jerez, have all combined their efforts to produce an initiative which will meet the needs of quality enotourism.

In January 2007 the Route was awarded the Quality Seal "Wine Routes of Spain" after successfully completing the corresponding external auditing process which confirmed the quality of the service provided by those establishments belonging to the association.

We invite you to discover the Wines and Brandies of the Jerez Region discover its cities and people.

A pleasure for all your senses.

Sherry Jerez Brandy Wine Ruta

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