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Elements of a Sherry Label

Sherry Labels

Legal requirements

All Sherry labels must include a series of required details in order to comply with the norms laid down by the Denomination of Origin. Quite frequently, however, labels also include an additional series of elements, either descriptive or merely decorative in nature, which may lead to confusion. 

Some of these elements are compulsory, as is the case of the type of wine, the name of the sherry firm which has produced it, the content of the bottle and its alcoholic strength. Any other additional information, such as the brand name or description of the product, appears at the discretion of the Sherry firm concerned. The name and address of the Sherry firm may also be replaced by a bottling code.

The back label is an element of particular importance as the Denomination of Origin seal appears here along with a number assigned by the Consejo Regulador which is unique to each bottle, thus providing definitive proof that the Sherry or Manzanilla contained in the bottle complies with all the norms governing the production, ageing and bottling of all wines bearing the guarantee of the Denomination of Origin.



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