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Discover the fascinating world of Sherry Wines

One of the main functions of the Regulatory Council is spreading the culture associated with Sherry wines. Our wines undoubtedly demonstrate peculiarities and a richness that make training an instrument necessary for both enjoyment and adequate understanding.

Through classroom training, we offer professionals and enthusiasts a set of materials that allows them to delve into aspects as diverse as the history, production, or the simple enjoyment of Sherry wines.



The training classroom of the Regulatory Council periodically organizes courses and seminars of varying lengths and subject matter. In some cases, they are specially designed for specific groups of professionals, such as trainers, sommeliers, or restaurant and bar staff. In other cases, the sessions are open to all wine lovers. In all cases, classroom training offers certifications in homologation or attendance.

The training classroom is also a place where trained professionals can be found, coming from numerous countries, who specialize in teaching about our wines and are authorized by the Regulatory Council. 

Sherry Education

Seminars and courses

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Sherry Education

Course Information

The range of educational options offered by the Sherry Council includes six seminars which focus on different strategic aspects of the Jerez region's wine-making tradition.

The majority of programs are taught in Spanish at our headquarters in Jerez with courses also scheduled throughout the year at international locations. The Certified Sherry Educators course is offered in both English and Spanish.

Sherry Education

Certified Sherry Educators

Sherry Wines relies on the extensive network of professional Sherry Wine Educators throughout the world to promote the culture of our wines.

Following an intensive course held at our headquarters in Jerez, our Sherry Educators serve as excellent ambassadors in the promotion and education of Sherry Wines throughout the world.

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Learning Materials


Access our in depth selection of presentation materials about the Jerez-Xeres-Sherry appellation, by downloading any of the documents with one easy click.

Gastronomy & Cocktails

The Art of Pairing & Mixing


Sherry Wine, simply put, is a wine meant to be enjoyed with food. It’s the perfect partner for a rich variety of flavors and dishes. World-renown chefs are increasingly featuring Sherry wines on their menus, as its versatility from sweet to dry, makes it a staple for all cuisines from East to West. Get inspired to pour and pair your favourite Sherry with a growing selection of key tips and downloadable guides.

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Sherry Cocktails

Sherry wines have taken center stage in the world of mixology with their diverse range of flavours and versatility. With a lower alcohol content than the average cocktail and a variety of palatable styles, Sherry is the perfect mixer for every occasion. Whether you prefer dry, citrus, sweet, or robust, there’s a Sherry cocktail for everyone.

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